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Houseboat Rentals

Enjoy over 100 km of Untouched Waterways

Experience a trip of a lifetime on the Ottawa River's sparkling blue waters, flanked on either side by tree covered mountains, towering rock cliffs, rolling hills, and beautiful shore lines to explore. The river beckons you to sample it's silent simplicity and spectacular fishing. Fish for Walleye, Northern Pike, Large and Small Mouth Bass, Perch, Whitefish, Speckle and Lake Trout.



Sleeps 8 Adults

AWOL and LIVINGSTON Houseboat's are both 40 foot houseboat's, each with a 50 hp motor. The houseboat's are fully equipped with a kitchen, dining table, living space, upper deck steering(on certain boats), hot and cold water, bathroom with shower, cooking and eating utensils, and a BBQ on the front deck.

Weekly (May-Oct)
3 Day Weekend               
Extra Day                          
14 Foot Boat + Motor    


Booking Cancellations:

When you book, a deposit of $300.00 per boat is required for your Week or 3 Day booking. The balance of your houseboat rental(including tax) is due upon arrival at Antler's Kingfisher Lodge.


Reservations are confirmed as available space is allocated. Reserve early to avoid disappoint. Besides your food, refreshments, clothing, and linens, very little is required. Exact departure time will be mailed to you with a confirmation of you reservation. Operating instructions will be given prior to departure, we are also able to issue a temporary boaters license for the duration of your trip. There is a supervised area for parking your car at, no charge.

Additional Chargers:

If you are compelled to cancel your booking, please notify us immediately and return your conformation contract.  Cancellations must be made 90 Days prior to your to your booking for a full refund. If 90 days is not given Antler's Kingfisher Lodge will asses the reasons for cancellation and determine, if a full or partial refund(less deposit) will be given. If justifiable reason is found, you are responsible for the whole of the balance due.


Bookings are confirmed on the understanding that the boat will be placed at your disposal on the date stated in the contract. Should this not be possible through circumstances not under control of Antler's Kingfisher Lodge(example; damage, mechanical break down, etc..), and in the event that we cannot guarantee to provide an alternative boat for you, a full refund will be given, but no further claim may be made against Antler's Kingfisher Lodge.

The fuel tanks will be checked before you leave, they will be "topped up" at your expense. There will be a $50.00 clean-up charge for houseboats returned excessively untidy. A $100.00 late return charge will be applied to houseboats not returned at the specified time. The renter is responsible for the $2000.00 insurance deductible within legal liability.


The houseboat trip is one of the best trips I have ever experienced. Tons of great fishing, private waterfalls and beaches to stop at to park overnight. enjoy a campfire on shore where ever you choose. Super relaxing trip! Will be back forsure.

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