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Antler's Kingfisher Lodge



Your Hosts

Proudly family owned and operated for over

40 years!!!


Hi my name is Jarett (the Owner), I was 1 year old when my family purchased the land and created Antlers Kingfisher Lodge.  For 40 years I have been fortunate enough to call this place my home.  My passion for fishing, hunting, atving and the great outdoors will show when you are here, it is my promise that I will always share with you everything I have learnt over my life so that your stay is both unique & unforgettable      


Hi my name is Jamie (the Owner), I was born on Vancouver Island and moved to the area (Mattawa) when I was 7 years of age. I've loved the outdoors ever since I was a child, I didn't know where I was going to end up in my life but I always knew I wanted to be in nature, luckily I met Jarett and we fell in love and now we both run this beautiful lodge together. Jarett and I have shared great memories here and we hope you can come and create some amazing memories here for yourself as well.

Hi my name is Drift (the potential future Owner) , I am the new addition to the Antler family.  I am the first baby to be born in Deux Rivieres in over 40 years. I have lots of knowledge to share with you all also, I am just waiting to find my voice so I can do so. I love living here, the outdoors is definitely the place for me! I cant wait to see all of your smiling faces walk through our door and greet you with a smile back! 


Hi my name is Lova (thinks she is the Owner), I don't know how long I have been here but what I do know is I love squirrels, squirrels, and more squirrels.  If you happen to see my smiling face around the lodge, please don't hesitate to give me a good petting.  My affection comes with a cost though, payment can be made with cheese, pepperettes, or any other food you can spare.  Thanks and I look forward to doing business with you all.   




It’s been said on here a few times already but it's absolutely true, the customer service is hands down the best I’ve ever experienced in a campground. The campsite we stayed at was amazing. The park is very clean and friendly. Great boat launch and tons of great docking and Free launch and docking, I’ve never seen that before. Jarett and the family are top notch and we will 100% be back again.

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